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Many Extrusion Industries, Many Solutions

By serving the various extrusion industries, we have gained the varied experience which has given us the ability to problem solve on many levels. Our exposure to a variety of challenging extrusion problems has stretched our technical knowledge and expertise. As a result, we have developed unique and flexible designs which has produced one of the most extensive lines of tooling across the various extrusion industries.

Find your Industry below and see how we may help you solve your extrusion tooling challenges.

Find Your Industry

Blow Molding
We produce Extrusion Tooling specially designed to accommodate producing a wide range of products using precision Blow Molding. Our Balanced… Read More »
Chemical Hose & Tube
One of our main specialties is designing and manufacturing Extrusion Tooling that is capable producing industrial strength Chemical Hose &… Read More »
Our Extrusion tooling allows for the efficient large scale production of high quality polymers and other compound materials. Extruders with… Read More »
New products are being developed continuously for the construction industry. Along with these new building components comes new challenges in… Read More »
Consumer Products
With so many consumer products being developed daily and so many new plastics and composite materials to work with, it… Read More »
Corrugated Hose
Corrugated hose for industrial use or for consumer products have their challenges. Our engineers are well versed in creating tooling… Read More »
Corrugated Pipe
Our extrusion tooling is ideal for producing a large volume of products that require varied wall thickness throughout, like Corrugated… Read More »
Efficient Extrusion Tooling is essential for producing Cosmetic products. From the cosmetics themselves to the packaging they are sold in,… Read More »
The Electronics industry requires extreme precision when manufacturing essential parts. Our Extrusion Tooling offers unmatched accuracy in the production of… Read More »
We have a tremendous amount of experience in the Wire & Cable industry as well as the Industrial Hose and… Read More »
Fiber Optic
Optical Cable is in increasingly high demand due to its ability to quickly transfer large amounts of data without electrical… Read More »
Food Processing
Extrusion is increasingly becoming one of the primary methods of producing a variety of traditional and innovative Food Products, and… Read More »
Industrial Hose & Tube
Designing and manufacturing Custom Extrusion Tooling for Industrial Hose & Tube that holds up to the highest quality standards is… Read More »
Industrial Pipe
Reliable polymer industrial pipe is essential for household and commercial plumbing, irrigation, and manufacturing. Guill’s extrusion tooling produces consistent high… Read More »
Whether you need a standard crosshead, spiderless inline or custom configuration to satisfy your customer's needs, we have the proper… Read More »
Technology in the Medical field is constantly evolving, and often requires an extensive array of Medical grade tubing in a… Read More »
Many products are emerging daily in our economy which creates challenges for manufactures to keep up with the flood of… Read More »
Our company manufactures top quality pelletizing extrusion tooling, defined by an unparalleled attention to detail. Pelletizing extruders function to produce… Read More »
Our extrusion Single and Twin Screw tooling is designed to balance the melt flow necessary for the demands of  pharmaceutical… Read More »
Guill has provided the Profile industry with state of the art computerized balanced flow design solutions for all types of… Read More »
Rubber & Silicone
Our Custom Extrusion Tooling is ideal for manufacturing high quality Rubber and Silicone products, including gaskets and seals, medical silicone… Read More »
Specialty Packaging
The advent of new packaging design, new material and changing requirements, provides exciting challenges for this industry. Our engineers are… Read More »
The Automotive and Transportation industries require well made tubing and wiring in order to function optimally, and our Custom Extrusion… Read More »
Under Sea Cable
Our many years of experience in the Wire & Cable industry and our experience with Large Diameter Dies helps us… Read More »
Under Sea Pipe
Our experience with Large Diameter Dies and the challenges they present, has resulted in our developing solutions to overcome such… Read More »
Continuous improvement relies on continuous learning and sharing of that knowledge. We have worked with Universities to help them develop… Read More »
Fiber Optics, Wire & Cable, or Industrial Hose are all end products that our extrusion tooling solutions are designed to… Read More »
Wire & Cable
Over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience has solidified Guill’s reputation as a leading producer of Extrusion Tooling for… Read More »
Wood Composite
Guill has provided the Wood Composite industry with state of the art computerized balanced flow design solutions for all types… Read More »

End Products

Many Extrusion Industries, Many End Products

By serving many extrusion industries Guill has gained the varied experience in helping produce many end products. Unique products bring about unique challenges. Guill is here to help you solve your extrusion obstacles. 

Find your end product below and see how we may help you manufacture the best product for your customer.

Automotive Parts
Whether you are manufacturing Automotive Hose, Brackets, Gaskets, Seals or other extruded parts, we have a full line of profile, rubber & silicone and corrugated extrusion tooling to help you produce an excellent end product.
Blow Molding
Blow molding die manufacturing is something we can help you with. You will find our extrusion die designs dedicated to blow molding dies under our 1000 Series. We accommodate single, co-extrusion, triple extrusion and multi-layer applications as well as custom design for more challenging projects.
Blown Film
Guill provides single, multi-layer and co-extrusion heads that can be utilized in the in the Cosmetics, Consumer Products, Food Processing, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Specialty Packaging industries. The versatility of our options enables us to meet your needs and help make your line profitable and efficient.
Consumer Products
When your client approaches you with a new consumer product, we are ready to design and manufacture the extrusion head or die you need to ensure your manufacturing processes are successful.
Corrugated Hose
Whether you are producing corrugated hose for an industrial or consumer end product market, our experience and manufacturing excellence will ensure your success.
Corrugated Pipe
Our engineers are here to help you design extrusion tooling for large or small corrugated pipe. Many configuration options are available to ensure the best end product in an efficient manner.
Fiber Optics
Fiber optic cable is necessary for cutting edge data transfer speeds, often being capable of transferring over 10-70 gigabits of information per second. Our engineering team and facilities can design tooling that’s optimal for producing fiber optic cable that is slightly thicker than a strand of human hair.
Our custom made extrusion tooling and dies make it easy to efficiently and consistently manufacture a variety of food products. More precise tooling allows for considerably reduced wasted extrudate. Our extrusion tooling also allows for precise temperature control, allowing food to be manufactured under both high and low temperature conditions.
We offer Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Hose products in a variety of materials for strength and flexibility. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications. Choose a deflector feature to evaluate the type tool that will best fit your process requirements.
Medical Tube
Tubing made for the medical industry needs to be especially precise, and our tooling is the best in the business when it comes to producing exceptionally consistent extruded tube. Our Series 800 head and custom designed dies can manufacture multi-layer and multi-lumen tubing for any medical application.
We offer Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Multi-Lumen Tube for Medical products. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications. Choose a deflector feature to evaluate the type tool that will best fit your process requirements.
If you don’t see your product listed here, feel free to contact us and our engineers will work with you to design custom tooling for whatever your product needs are.
Creating consistently sized pellets made of polymer, animal feed, or wood is made easy using our custom tooling. Producing pellets through extrusion yields numerous advantages over using a pellet mill, eliminating the presence of harmful microbes and often mitigating the need for binders in animal feed, and allowing more control of pellet density than traditional milling.
Our tooling is capable of producing pharmaceutical products using cutting edge extrusion technology. Hot melt extrusion is increasingly necessary for developing products using new active pharmaceutical ingredients, notably the HME process allows for increased bio-availability in orally administered drugs without the use of solvents, which can be continually produced using fewer steps.
We offer Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Pipe products from small sizes to diameters in excess of 12 inches. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications. Choose a deflector feature to evaluate the type tool that will best fit your process requirements.
We offer Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Profile products such as seals and substrate cover layering to composite architectural shapes. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications.
The Single Layer Crosshead is capable of running Solid products such as rod and stranding. Our Crossheads can be configured with many features to satisfy your process needs including multiple deflector designs, die adjustments and heaters.
Specialty Packaging
Our engineers specialize in designing custom dies and extrusion heads, and are experts in helping you construct the perfect tooling for whatever your product’s custom packaging needs are. Our tooling creates packaging with minimal defects, and can produce packaging with no seams or surface lines.
We offer Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Tube products from the very small Medical type to the very large Industrial type. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications.
Under Sea Cable
The global infrastructure of telecommunications heavily relies on submarine communications cable in order to transfer data between continents. Our tooling is capable of manufacturing the essential components of this cable, extruding both the internal optical fibers and the protective outer layer of polyethylene.
Under Sea Pipe
Our tooling is capable of producing flexible extruded polyethylene piping, ideal for submarine applications, transporting oil, slurry, or waste. Extruded PE pipe holds numerous advantaged over other piping material, it resists corrosion from chemicals and seawater, it’s flexible, allowing it to bend and sway with the waves, and it’s buoyant, allowing easy installation from the surface using the float-and-sink method.
Wire & Cable
We design and manufacture Crosshead and In-Line Head tooling to extrude Wire & Cable products from small electronic lead wire to large multi-lead high voltage cable. All heads are capable of multi-layer and stripe applications.
Wood Composite
Our tooling can be used to produce wood composite using new or recycled material, either directly through single step counter-rotating conical twin screw extrusion, or in two steps, after compounding using TSE, composites can be produced using conical TSE or single screw extrusion.

Our Products


Guill has one of the most extensive lines of tooling in the various extrusion industries. Our product line is broken into Series which include the following:

• Crosshead
• Inline Dies
• Rotary Heads
• Custom Designed

Our crossheads are designed for precision and easy operation. The high product tolerance control of our crossheads yields greater levels of efficiency and quality.
Inline Heads
Our Inline heads use our FlexiSpiral™ deflector design to rotate the melt stream, continuing the mixing process and eliminating weld lines.
Rotary Heads
Our rotary crossheads and inline heads use a patented design for rotating the tip and die. This causes a crossing of the molecular direction of the material flow. The result is substantially increased wall strength, reduced wall thickness and material savings.
Custom Heads
Our team is available to collaborate with your design and development engineers to produce innovative solutions that meet your manufacturing needs.
100 – Pelletizing Heads
If you need Single or Multi-Strand extrusion tooling with or without Multi-Layer capabilities, we have a solution for your project. Read More »
200 – Profile Dies
Our heads are designed to resolve problems with polymer variations when producing profile and seals of various shapes and sizes. Read More »
300 – Rotary Heads
We have developed a patented Rotary Head design intended to be used in a variety of applications to increase tube wall strength. Read More »
400 – Corrugated Hose & Pipe
The 400 Series offers a host of benefits for OEMs, as well as for automotive and medical applications wide variety of corrugated equipment and molds. Read More »
500 – Rubber & Silicone
The 500 series is designed specifically for the flow characteristics and unique processing challenges of elastomeric compounds. Read More »
600 – Flexible Crosshead
The 600 Series Crossheads offer flexibility in design & extruder orientation with split balanced flow. Read More »
700 – Standard Crosshead
Our 700 Series crosshead is fully adjustable and accepts existing tooling. It beats the competition in both price & performance. Read More »
800 – Simple Crosshead
Our 800 Series crossheads can be configured to be fixed center or adjustable, featuring built in cartridge heaters, and a low volume split feed balanced flow. Read More »
900 – Spiderless In-line
Our Spiderless Inline Heads offer simplicity and fewer parts with a low volume split balanced flow. Read More »
1000 – Blow Molding Dies
Our 1000 Series are available as Single Layer, Co-Extrusion, or Triple Extrusion with fixed or adjustable concentricity die adjustments. Read More »
2000 – Large Diameter Dies
Our 2000 Series is our range of large diameter Inline heads, and features a low volume flow, heated core pin, and can be expanded to output multi layer products. Read More »
Bullet – Standard Crosshead
The Bullet™ was designed specifically by our engineers to expedite the production process and help our customers turn a higher profit. Featuring a multi-port spiral flow and fixed center design. Read More »

Engineering Expertise

Guill 4 Layer Spiral Head

Guill’s team of engineers have diverse experience and depth of knowledge regarding the optimal and most efficient methods of extrusion.

Our products are highly customizable and offer many configurations to suit your application. Our options for concentricity adjustments give you flexibility and ensure that your line will run efficiently and profitably.

Our diverse deflector designs allow us to handle the most challenging flow issues ensuring wall strength and stability without downtime for additional adjustments.

All together the engineering and components that go into our heads make Guill’s line of extrusion tooling the most efficient on the market today.

Extrusion Expertise Is Here For You