Guill Tool & Engineering Co. Inc.

Extrusion Tooling Designer and Manufacturer

Assembly/Disassembly Toolkit

We design and supply specific tools for assembly and disassembly of all Guill Extrusion Heads. Specially designed cleaning and maintenance tools and materials are available to properly conserve the life of the components of the heads.

Alignment Tooling
Guill Tool & Engineering offers Precision Machined Pins to provide automatic concentricity alignment of the tip and die during the head assembly process.
Cleaning Tools
We recommend and supply cleaning tools made from copper and brass to prevent damage to tool components. Our carts keep your tools neat and organized so they are available at your fingertips, making consistent cleaning and maintenance convenient and accessible. To learn more about proper tooling maintenance refer to our Care & Cleaning page where you can download our article regarding tooling upkeep and preservation.  
Pushers & Pullers
Guill Tool & Engineering supplies specifically designed Pushers and Pullers for removing component parts from the Extrusion Head preventing any damage.
Tip Wrenches
Guill Tool & Engineering supplies Tip Wrenches designed specifically for removing and installing tips without damaging the tools.
Tool Cabinets
Guill Tool & Engineering offers Tool Cabinets designed to help organize necessary tooling for maintaining Extrusion Heads.
Guill Tool & Engineering supplies wrenches specifically designed to properly assemble and disassemble the Extrusion Heads.      

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