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Proprietary Guill Tooling Design Yields Added Performance

Guill Tool and Engineering has developed the Series 800 to increase manufacturing productivity and overall performance for wire and cable applications.

The new Series 800, low volume crossheads are specifically engineered to meet the most demanding cable, fine wire, and fiber optic applications.

The unique patent pending split balanced flow design offers the flexibility of either fixed center or adjustable center dies. The 800 Series is available in co-extrusion and can be designed to accept any extruder layout. Its co-extrusion designs can also run single extrusion with the change of one component.

According to Bill Conley, Guill Tool’s Extrusion sales manager, “Because the Series 800 can be designed to accept any extruder layout that the customer may desire, it truly benefits fiber optic and fine wire manufacturers with specific space layout requirements.”

The 800 Series joins the already expanding product line, that includes single layer fixed and adjustable center in-line dies, co-extrusion, triple extrusion, four and five layer, rotating and spiral crossheads manufactured in a wide range of materials from tool steel to Inconel. The 600 Series, the forerunner to the 800, features a removable, easy to clean head that saves downtime and labor.

Guill Tool is ISO 9001 Certified. The company’s engineering and manufacturing are instrumented in making the company a leader in multi-layer crossheads and in-line dies as well as spiral and rotary extrusion dies.

In the 1990s the company introduced the Balanced Flow Deflector, a design which ensures even compound distribution throughout the head. Co-extrusion heads gave birth to a new flow splitter. The flow splitter was well received by customers and it inspired a new line of heads offered in various versions from single layer up to five layers. This line of heads is very successful in rubber and silicone as well as all types of plastics manufacturing.

Founded in Rhode Island in 1962 by A. Roger Guillemette, the company was established as a job shop supplying tips, dies, crossheads and replacement parts to the wire, cable and plastic and rubber industries in New England and eventually across the US and Canada.

For further technical information, data sheets, or for the name of a representative in your area please contact, Mr. William Conley at Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc. 10 Pike Street West Warwick, R.I., 02893 (USA), Tel: 401-828-7600, Fax: 401-823-5310 or email: Email:

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