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New Series of In-line Tubing Dies from Guill Tool Offers Custom Tooling Capabilities

West Warwick, RI -The new Series 900 of inline tubing dies from Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc. offers improved extrusion performance and capabilities to customize at standard, off-the-shelf prices.


The new series is applicable to extrusion of hose or pipe ranging from 0.005″ (0.127mm) to 8.0″ (635mm) in diameter for all types of OEM, food service, automotive, industrial, telecom and medical applications in polymer or rubber.


The Series 900 technology offers these key benefits:


• Achieves concentricity or “product roundness” which greatly reduces material usage compared with other types of extrusion tooling

• Spiderless inline-designed heads results in no spider lines and allows room for more air — thus eliminating cold legs, which can inhibit product output

• Runs 1-5 layers simultaneously

• Engineered for a multitude of applications — including special fluropolymer applications


A key Guill Tool technical highlight of the Series 900 is a patent-pending FeatherTouch adjustment in the die holder and a cartridge-style ball assembly that does not require the loosening of retaining screws to make adjustments. Additional unique benefits of the Series 900 include Guill’s Seal Right Systems, a positive seal, which eliminates leakage between deflectors, along with easy self-alignment that reduces operator error during assembly and is adaptable to a variety of specific extruder layout configurations.


“This series offers a standard platform design of the head with specific characteristics that are unique to individual applications included at no additional charge in the cost of the tooling. This is a tremendous benefit to a company that requires precision tooling with custom benefits at a standard off-the-shelf price. That certainly helps our customers’ bottom line,” said Bill Conley, Guill Sales Manager.


Guill Tool also manufactures tips, dies, and breaker plates using state-of-the-art computerized CNC machining and EDM equipment. As well, engineering services using the latest CAD systems are available for custom-designing extrusion tooling product such as crossheads, tips, clamps, flanges, forming rolls, spiderless inline dies, dies, swing gates, breaker plates, special equipment and sizing dies.


Guill Tool received ISO certification in 1995. The first major extrusion tooling company to meet international standards. Guill Tool has long been recognized as one of the leading established designers and manufacturers of custom extrusion tooling for applications including wire, cable, fiber optics, medical tube, wood composites, automotive tube, plastic compounding, custom applications, rubber, profile, industrial pipe, hose and tube, blow molding, and food and packaging.


Guill Tool also encourages and provides education and training for the extrusion industry with plastic and aluminum model heads, fully illustrated operating manuals for step-by-step assembly and disassembly, training videotapes, and classes on the care and cleaning of extrusion tooling.


Founded in Rhode Island in 1962 by A. Roger Guillemette, Guill Tool was established as a job shop supplying tips, dies, crossheads and replacement parts to the wire, cable or wire and cable, plastic and rubber industries in New England. Later, Guill Tool became a supplier for the entire United States and Canada, and today enjoys a worldwide market presence.


For a free evaluation, technical product sheets, general information, or for the name of a representative in your area, please contact, customer service Guill Tool & Engineering Co., Inc. 10 Pike Street, West Warwick, RI 02893 (USA); Tel: (401) 828-7600, Fax: (401) 823-5310; e-mail:

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