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New Patent-Pending MicroAdjust Now Available On Guill Medical Tooling Series

Guill’s extrusion tooling for medical/OEM manufacturers now has new benefits with Guill’s latest MicroAdjust technology. The patent-pending MicroAdjust mechanism can be added to the Series 712 and 812 upon request.
The unique patent-pending MicroAdjust mechanism assists users in substantially reducing any operator error that may occur when adjusting bolts for the die when extruding extremely sensitive, thin-walled medical tubing. With the MicroAdjust, movement is 1/7th of that compared to a conventional concentricity bolt, which ensures less risk of over-adjusting. In addition, the number of concentricity bolts is reduced from four to two, and there are no more opposing concentricity bolts that require backing off prior to adjusting the die.
According to Bill Conley, Guill’s Technical Sales Manager, “With the precision of the MicroAdjust, our users save considerable time and money when adjusting the die to extremely minute wall thicknesses for advanced tubing. As we all know, the effort of tooling adjustment can be an obstacle to OEMs and medical manufacturers for fast and accurate deployment of the die during the extrusion process. Extreme precision is critical for any manufacturing for the medical industry, and we at Guill always aim to be at the forefront of major tooling advancements such as this one.”
The Series 712 and 812 can also be utilized for many other complex advanced extrusion applications. Key engineering features included with the 712 series include a multi-port spiral flow design as well as the patented SealRite system for leak-free performance and high-speed/high-volume applications. The 712 series is able to accept virtually all customers’ existing tooling and uses external band heaters.
The 812 series boasts an ultra low-volume design to minimize residence time, replaceable spiral flow inserts, corrugating (CVT) applications as well as internal heaters.

Guill’s 50 Years Experience  
With almost a half century of experience, Guill is recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of extrusion tooling for advanced applications that include: medical tubing, multi-lumen tubing, multi-layer co-extruded products, profile products, and fiber optics. Guill has an established track record of outstanding performance for extrusion tooling for medical, marine, automotive, and pelletized products; wood composites; blow-molding; rubber and silicone; pipes and hoses; wires and cables, food and packaging as well as military applications.
Since 1995, Guill has achieved ISO 9001 Certification. The ISO 9001 Standard guides the work processes on all business and manufacturing levels. The continual quest for manufacturing improvement is key to all daily efforts and end products.
With the latest CAD/MCAD connected with FEA and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) systems, Guill engineers have developed the FlexiSpiral deflector the patented FeatherTouch die adjusting system for ease of adjustment; the SealRight system; and the QuickChange Manifold for rapid change of color and/or materials.
Guill also offers inline heads and crossheads; no-leak water cooled heads; both industry standard and custom-made tips and dies; spiderless inline tips and dies; cartridge heater systems; flanges; breaker plates; swing gates; forming rolls; sizing dies; and other special equipment.

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