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Guill Head with Single Point Concentricty Adjustment

New “Micro Medical” Extrusion Tooling from Guill

New medical crosshead from market leader features patented single-point concentricity adjustment

Guill Tool & Engineering (West Warwick, Rhode Island) introduces the new Micro Medical, an extrusion crosshead that uses micro-fine adjustment screws for precise concentricity adjustment. The precision of concentricity reaches 0.008” or finer per revolution. This single point concentricity adjustment is a unique Guill innovation for the extrusion of thin-walled and precision ID/OD medical tubing. One adjustment bolt controls 360 degrees of adjustment.


Features of the Micro Medical crosshead include a patented cam-lock deflector for quick changeovers, with a residence time of one minute at .5 lb/hr material flow, optimized usage with extruders measuring ½” and ¾”, and a max die ID of .250.”


Additionally, the Guill Micro Medical crosshead offers great flexibility to its users. It not only accepts both vacuum and micro-air accessories, but is also ideal for pressure and sleeving applications. Fluoropolymer designs are available upon request.

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