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Finding Solutions

Over the decades, Guill has solved many of the toughest extrusion tooling challenges. This experience has helped us to continuously push the envelope and our technical expertise in order to help our customers reach their goals.

Below are a few examples of how we have helped our clients succeed.

Crosshead with Emitter Cool Tube & Cart
Crosshead with Emitter Cool Tube & Cart     Guill Tool & Engineering is a recognized leader in the Design… Read More »
Increasing Manufacturing Efficiencies
Increasing Manufacturing Efficiencies Problem  While legacy extrusion crossheads yielded suitable product, setup was tedious and time-consuming.   Solution  Guill’s Single-Point concentricity… Read More »
Tray Cable
725 Series Co-Extrusion Crosshead for Tray Cable   Customer Focus With this project we partnered with the customer to convert… Read More »

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