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America's Most Innovative Plastic Extrusion Tooling Designer & Manufacturer

Guill is the leading Extrusion Tooling Designer & Manufacturer with nearly 60 years of experience. Our engineers specialize in  plastic extrusion tooling design, utilizing the most advanced technology currently available. We draw on our years of experience to tailor tooling and die design for your industry, helping you increase efficiency and decrease production cost when operating your plastic extruder. From extruding PVC pipe to complex profile co-extrusion, we are committed to helping you produce the best end product possible. 

Are Challenging Extrusion Projects Wasting Your Resources?


We offer the most extensive line of extrusion tooling in the industry, providing you with many solutions.


Our extrusion and defense divisions share the same high standard of quality, producing tooling manufactured in the USA.


Our innovative tooling designs focus on providing less down time, so your production is at maximum capacity.

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Your End Product is Our Priority

Our goal is for your customer to be happy and your line to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our unique qualifications along with a skilled and talented staff provide you with partners to help make that happen.

Backed by Experience

Our longtime work across many plastics industries has resulted in many years of diverse extrusion experience. At Guill, we have mastered the tightest tolerances needed for producing everything from the smallest, most precise medical tubing to the largest, rugged under sea pipe and cable. As a result, we have the most extensive line of tooling in the industry and know how to solve the toughest challenges of the extrusion process.

Dedicated to Quality

We care about quality in everything we do, and we know you do too. Because our quality standards are driven by our defense division, our entire facility enjoys the benefits of maintaining rigorous standards across our extrusion and defense divisions. As a result, we have held ISO 9001:2015 along with other certifications to ensure excellence.

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From Concept through Engineering to Manufacturing

Guill excels in solving the most difficult challenges of the plastic extrusion process, all through our engineering and manufacturing expertise and commitment to excellence.

Contact our sales engineers today to discuss your latest projects.


Our team of sales engineers work closely with you to identify your needs.


Our expert’s years of experience allow them to work with your custom needs to help improve the extrusion process. We specialize in precise plastic extrusion calculations, resulting in a keen sense of what tooling will help you do your best work.


Your tooling will be manufactured following the same quality standards required by our government division.

Extrusion Expertise Is Here For You



Designing and manufacturing outstanding custom extrusion tooling is our priority.


We are committed to be the most cost efficient manufacturer while adhering to a continuous improvement quality management system.

Materials Testing

Your material's flow characteristics can be tested in-house, giving our engineers the information they need to design your tooling and ensure a perfect product is extruded.


Our extrusion and defense divisions share the same high standard of quality.

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Guill Introduces Spiderless Pipe Die for Extrusion Guill Tool, the global leader in extrusion tooling, recently announced the availability of…

Extrusion Tooling Innovator Strengthens Presence in Mexico’s Plastics Extrusion Market

Guill Exhibits at Expo Plasticos 2017, Plans to Partner with Local Manufacturers.

Guill Introduces Crossheads for Fine Wire and Fiber Optic Application

West Warwick, RI - August 1, 2000 - Since its inception in 1962, Guill Tool and Engineering has maintained a commitment that provides our customers the latest innovations in extrusion design and technology. This commitment has lead to the introduction of our precision 800 series crossheads.

New Line of Corrugating Extrusion Tooling Improves Crush Resistance

Advanced Series 400 corrugating tooling design ensures vital crush resistance with added durability for hose and tubing essential to OEMs, medical and automotive applications -rn

New Guill Extrusion Tooling Brochure Offers Extensive Proprietary

Guill Tool's new brochure has organized the company's extrusion tooling product line into a series of products. Each series addresses a specific need for a wide range of customers including plastic and rubber applications.
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